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Evora S - Coupe

Year 2016

Starting at USD 100,000 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
Rasamny-Younis Motor Co. (RYMCO)

+961 (1) 273.333


RYMCO Headquarters, Chiyah Blvd.



Cylinders: 6

Drive: Rear

Engine: 3.5 L

Fuel Consumption: 9.9L / 100Km

Gearbox: 6 Speed / Automatic

Horsepower: 350 HP

Additional info



2 doors

Foldable mirrors

Leather seats

Parking Sensor


Writing about the Lotus Evora is one of those things that reveals how inadequate the written word is. I wish I could just mind-beam you the feeling of driving the Lotus. Or, even better, the feeling you get as a Home Depot parking lot watches you remove your squirmy, giggling toddler from this tiny car.

When you pull up to park in a Lotus, people watch. For many, its the size of the car, which by modern standards is almost bacterial. For some, its the sound, and the world-of-tomorrow look of the car. Some simply know and appreciate what a Lotus is. But when you pull your kid out of the back of the car, peoples looks change from those of interest and envy to disbelief and confusion. And theres something really satisfying about that.

No rational person buys a Lotus to haul around their kids. I bet the number of people who buy Lotuses as family cars is only rivaled by those who buy Lotuses to be the workhorse of their drywall business. But the incredible thing I learned is that you actually could use an Evora as your daily family car. You could. With some admittedly huge compromises.

By Jalopnik.

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