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Exige S - Coupe

Year 2016

Starting at USD 120,000 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
Rasamny-Younis Motor Co. (RYMCO)

+961 (1) 273.333


RYMCO Headquarters, Chiyah Blvd.



Cylinders: 6

Drive: Rear

Engine: 3.5 L

Gearbox: 6 Speed / Automatic

Horsepower: 345 HP

Additional info



2 doors

Foldable mirrors

Leather seats

Parking Sensor



It’s a sign of the strained times at Lotus when its famous adage ‘just add lightness’ becomes ‘just add 170kg and double the size of the engine’. But that’s what’s been done to turn the Exige into the Exige S – and, so well does this new approach work, we think they may just be onto something. Yes, some people will feel uneasy at how the raw road racer appears to have become a softer, sleeker and much more expensive GT car, but they can rest easy. The latest new Lotus, despite the strife it’s been developed under, is a cracker.

So, yes, it’s heavier, but it’s still lighter than any rival. It has the same power to weight ratio as a 911 Turbo. The supercharged 3.5-litre V6 is as charismatic as the old four-pot was anodyne. And it’s been developed by the masters of ride and handling, so you don’t have to dig deep before the appeal becomes clear.

The new engine, on show beneath that redesigned rear screen, is a blinder. Response is near- instantaneous and it devours gears while summoning a sort of earthy strength: acceleration is genuinely relentless, right up to 120mph when the aero effects kick in. It sounds suitably race car-like as well. Only a slightly slack gearchange disappoints.

It handles brilliantly. Simple as that. It delivers feel that’s usually reserved for racing drivers, grips hard, changes direction electrically and has steering that makes that of the new 911 feel a bit… dead. The stability control system, another way the hackles of traditionalists could be raised, is also top-drawer, taking smooth, progressive action only where necessary. Sure, the ride is firm, but a longer wheelbase and deftly tuned damping take the edge off it.

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