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LX 570 - SUV

Year 2019

Starting at USD 158,730 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
Boustany United Machineries Co. (BUMC)

+961 (5) 959 996


Toyota Lexus Showroom, Hazmieh


Cylinders: 8

Drive: 4WD

Engine: 5.7 L

Gearbox: 8 Speed/Tiptronic

Horsepower: 381 Hp

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4 doors

Foldable mirrors

Leather seats

Parking Sensor


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Mechanically, there's not much separating the 2019 Lexus LX 570 from Toyotas Land Cruiser. They share the same chassis design, powertrain and general interior layout. They both specialize in going places most other vehicles wouldn't dare, with the safety net of a reliability reputation that stretches back decades. Where do they diverge then' Well, think of the Land Cruiser as an outdoor adventurer going about his trek in a high-dollar shell jacket from REI. The LX 570 is wearing a high-dollar suit.

If you do like to venture off to places where pavement and traction are scarce, the LX 570 delivers capabilities that few other SUVs can match.

By Edmunds

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