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3 Signature - Sedan

Year 2019

Starting at USD 30,690 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
A.N. Boukather SAL

+961 (1) 888.298


GF, Bou khater Center, Jal el dib Highway, Antelias Beirut, Lebanon


Cylinders: 4

Drive: Front

Engine: 2.0L

Gearbox: 6-Speed Tiptronic

Horsepower: 153 HP

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4 doors

ESC (improves vehicle stability)

Foldable mirrors

6 airbags

Parking Sensor

Rearview camera




The 2019 Mazda 3 isnt the quickest car in its class, but it is the best to drive. The Mazda 3 doesnt have the biggest cargo capacity in its class either, but it will certainly hold a whole lot of stuff. This is a clear case of the raw numbers not telling the entire story. 

Inside and out, the Mazda 3 is attractive, and plenty of elements give it a more upmarket appeal. On the road, its not just competent; its actually entertaining and sporty to drive. Even if youre not into performance, this translates to a feeling that the car will respond to emergency maneuvers with confidence and ease.

In the competitive budget-conscious compact sedan and hatchback class, the 2019 Mazda 3 is a rarity for exceeding expectations and delivering far more than its price would suggest. Youd be remiss not to have it on your short list.

By Edmunds

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