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XV - Crossover

Year 2019

Starting at USD 26,085 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
AutoStars (Mounir Bazerji)

Contact Person:
Bellisima Hayek

Marketing Manager

+961 (1) 586.000


Saifi, Pasteur street, Burotec Bldg


Cylinders: 4

Drive: AWD

Engine: 1.6L

Gearbox: CVT

Horsepower: 114 HP

Additional info




5 doors

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Foldable mirrors

Leather seats

8 + knee airbag airbags

Rearview camera



Additional notes
CVT gearbox: an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios.

Also available 2000cc (156 HP)

The Subaru XV was a hit thanks to its rugged styling, versatile size and affordable price. Nothing changes with the second-generation 2019 model: It continues to offer great value, nimble handling and a handsome design. A much-improved interior gives the XV a higher-quality feel inside while the revised suspension and stiffer chassis give a smooth ride in all but the most extreme circumstances. 

Unlike some other subcompact vehicles in this class, the XV offers high-end options including a premium audio system and a full suite of advanced safety features. It includes automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. Higher-end trim levels also offer automatic high beams and reverse automatic braking to avoid backing up into an unseen obstacle. No matter how you spec it, the XV delivers strong value and plenty of all-weather capability.

By Edmunds

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