Mini Cooper 3 Doors Base Hatchback (2019) Starting at USD 37,468 (VAT Included) - Buy Car -
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Mini Cooper

3 Doors Base - Hatchback

Year 2019

Starting at USD 37,468 (VAT Included)


Agent in Lebanon
Bassoul-Heneine S.A.L

Contact Person:
George Sleiman

Sales Manager



Sed El Bauchrieh Youssef Heneine Street Bassoul-Heneine Building


Cylinders: 3

Drive: Front

Engine: 1.5L

Gearbox: 6-Speed Automatic

Horsepower: 136 HP

Additional info




3 doors

ESC (improves vehicle stability)

Foldable mirrors

4 airbags



While financial considerations typically drive the purchase of a subcompact car, the 2019 Mini Hardtop is something else entirely. It has the hallmarks of a tiny coupe, such as limited cargo volume and a mostly useless back seat, but the Hardtop has some qualities that justify its high price tag.

Unlike other pint-size runabouts, the Hardtop emphasizes quality. Its elegant cabin is trimmed with upscale materials, and the precision switchgear bears no resemblance to the flimsy buttons youll find in other cars in the class.

Subcompacts are often a snooze to drive, but the Cooper Hardtop bucks this trend with its excellent handling. It absolutely flies around corners, allowing you to have some fun and do your best Italian Job impression even if you dont opt for one of the more powerful engines. And with more customization options than any vehicle less expensive than a Porsche, your Mini can be tailored down to the design of the mirror caps.

The two-door Mini Hardtop offers far more personality and fun than youll get in most any other small car, though. If you can set aside the rough ride and limited interior space, you might just find that the 2019 Mini Hardtop is worth the premium paid.

By Edmunds

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